Dobbie - Manufacturers of Waterworks Fittings, Valves, Castings and Fire Protection Equipment

Picture of Dobbies Perth Foundry

Dobbie Dico, a Perth Foundry with superior machine shop capabilities has been Australian owned and operated since 1940.  Dealing with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Dobbies specialise in a wide range of large diameter water valves (including but not limited to: Isolating, Sluice and Gate Valves; Non Return, Check and Reflux Valves: up to 900mm) catering for both resilient seat and solid wedge applications, Air Relief Valves, Fire Protection Equipment (Hydrant Valves and Boosters). Additionally, Dobbie’s scope includes a comprehensive offer of civil water components (pipe and fittings in ductile iron, PE and PVC) as well as specialty castings for the rail and resource sectors.

Dobbies have a highly skilled and dedicated team of technical, administrative and trades people engaged in the design, manufacture, machining and distribution of our products. Our aim at Dobbie Dico is to be universally recognized for the excellence, quality, and cost effectiveness, of our products and services.  We continually strive to promote a safe, productive and ethical work-place environment.  We will not compromise environmental health or safety issues for profit, production or sales.
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